2018.09/13(thu) ON THE FLIP SIDE

2018.09/13(thu) 19:00-
at cafelasiesta

Line up:
Starving GOGO (Italy)
sylcmyk (US)

Kaz a.k.a.HIGE
dj master kohta

■venue: 【cafe la siesta – 8bit edition!!! -】
京都市中京区四条西木屋町上ル紙屋町366 レイホウ会館1F
web: http://cafelasiesta.com


Artist Profile

Starving GOGO (イタリア)
Chiptune/micromusic project born in early 2014 by Flavio Aster Bissolati. He’s part of the new wave of Italian Micromusic and he mainly compose on LSDj for Game Boy (DMG01) and FamiTracker, but more recently also with nanoloop mono and Pocket Operators (by Teenage Engineering). In September 2014 his first EP “L(a)UNCHBOX” was released, followed by the first album “KILL YOUR DARLINGS” in Semptember 2015 and the second album “discredit denial destroy” in May 2017. His third upcoming album “Ozymandias” will be soon released by CheapBeats. His songs appeared in three Chiptunes=WIN compilations (vol.5, vol.6 and HalloWIN) and in the promotional compilation for Chip Bit Day 2018 in Manchester. He’s also music producer, composer and sound designer for videogames, theatre, marketing/promotional videos and short movies.

<DIR> RICHTER (イタリア)
Chiptune project born in 2015 (and debuted in Osaka the same year) mainly orientated to late 80s Japanese metal and punk styles using LSDj on a Game Boy and FamiTracker. In December 2017 his first album on cassette tape “Indiscriminata Attack Four!” was released by BissoMultimedia. Other music genres are also usually included in live sets. Its songs were also included in some Italian and European compilation albums.