2016.08/26(fri) Loud Matter Live Animation in cafe la siesta

Loud Matter Live Animation
Interactive live animation performance
in cafe la siesta Kyoto

2016.08/26(fri) 20:00-
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Loud Matter

“Loud matter is a live performance featuring live made stop motion Animation, by artist & animator Marieke Verbiesen.
a Dutch artist who works with different projects in electronic arts.
Building up to a variety of eccentric animated loops, the animations form a playful, synchronised kinship with the music,
using animation as a live performative tool.
Abstract narratives are created with paper cutouts, day-glow erasers, candy-canes and other identified and unindentied objects.
The performance shows loops of the evolving animated composition, bolstered by idiosyncratic movements,
kaleidoscopic outbursts & detonated velocity.”



■venue: 【cafe la siesta – 8bit edition!!! -】
所: 京都市中京区四条西木屋町上ル紙屋町366 レイホウ会館1F
web: http://cafelasiesta.com