Siesta8bit Pixel art Canvases and Postcards with Compilation albums

Introducing the new siesta8bit-curated compilation album, with matching postcard and art canvas formats!

The album itself is a collection of tracks from Siesta regulars and the postcard and art canvas feature a lovely 8-bit-style flower design sure to brighten up any room! The canvas can be hung up as is but we recommend a frame for the postcards.

Both the design pattern and album come in two separate varieties.

The red flower is the cover for the low bit side of the compilation, with the blue flower the high bit side – each with separate download codes printed on the reverse side.

About the siesta8bit compilation album

cafe la siesta -8bit edition!!!- is a popular meeting place for all sorts of unique musicians and is an important player within both the Kyoto and broader Japanese underground scenes. Although with the spread of the coronavirus physical contact with other people has become difficult, creators haven’t stopped creating and I (Master Kohta) still want to try to connect artists and listeners – hence this compilation!

The two different designs used for the postcards and canvases reflect the two different flavours of the album available.

The red flower pattern represents the low bit side of the compilation – an album from 8-bit trackmakers, with the blue flower pattern the high bit side – music made with more modern equipment (computers etc.). Both are available digitally via a download code.

This is one not to miss for fans of both underground music and tasteful interior decoration!

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siesta8bit / master kohta

Siesta8bit Pixel Art Canvas (Red or Blue)
with Compilation Album low bit or high bit2900yen
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Siesta8bit Post card (Red or Blue)
with Compilation Album
 low bit or high bit1200yen
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Album Preview & Track List

[Red – low bit]
1.Bit Shifter / Full Speed Ahead to Anywhere But Here
2.牧歌電子 / Danish (Breakfast-mix)
3.cowp / back to me
4.KUNIO / お前聖書は読むか?
5.Lowtech / Turbo Boost 8bit remix
6.master kohta / Pearl sleep (GB)
7.master kohta / Tambourine
8.Suguruka / HUMANITY
9.sylcmyk / Lollipops
10.TORIENA / loner valley
11.udukuro / restarts
12.USK / v-v.vv
13.zebra / part zero

[Blue – high bit]
1.ACIDピュンピュン丸 / Thrust
2.Aeonm / shelter
3.Agargara / qertqertt
4.Archipelago / Before beauty
5.DAWU / A Morning You Don’t Know
6.EOU / ❤️
7.Jun Kamoda / Im lost GB ver Remix
8.Limited Toss / Original Bad Boy
9.Lomax / Senara(Gojo Mix)
10.master kohta / Tree of life Remix
11.Paperkraft / 2 Live Party
12.Shex / asdko 3
13.Stones Taro / Maybe I…